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About Us

CEANY is a membership organization whose purpose is to promote and support quality public continuing higher education and the professional development of continuing education professionals.

The Association seeks:

• to promote an exchange of information and ideas;

• to address problems confronting continuing education personnel and the adult learner;

• to strengthen lifelong learning programs;

• to encourage professional development among its members;

• to provide membership and constituents with information relative to the impact of the continuing education field;

• to support student persistence and completion through the continuing higher education ecosystem.

CEANY has over 600 individual members throughout New York State representing over 80 institutions and organizations.


Our members are at the forefront of workforce development and training and postsecondary education for adults and business development in NYS. CEANY supports positive learning environments, equitable work places and thriving, inclusive communities and serves as an advocate for all postsecondary adult learners.

The murder of George Floyd has revealed, once more, another fault line: racial injustice. It is unconscionable that institutional racism is tolerated in this country. CEANY unequivocally rejects expressions of racism, hatred, bigotry and group supremacy, supports racial and social justice and deplores these inequities that continue to disfigure our American society.

Minorities have been particularly vulnerable to many instances of inequality and unfair, treatment including, more recently, the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The inequalities and inadequacies of healthcare, well known to those who have always experienced them, are now coming to the attention of decision makers and the general public as another area of inequality.

As a result of the economic impact of the pandemic many New Yorkers have lost their jobs.  This has especially affected minorities and individuals working in the gig economy and front-line, low-wage jobs. Here again, the pandemic has spotlighted conditions well-known to those suffering from them, but seemingly only now brought to the attention of decision makers and those who speak for and to the general public.

We know, better than many, that the current system of funding for training and retraining does not work for those most in need of those opportunities. The current situation of insufficient funding for training and education is neither equitable nor just but it is also not economically intelligent. This situation demands vastly increased programs of vouchers, scholarships and grants, such as PELL, to enable those in the workforce to meet the needs of the economy as it recovers and to choose the field in which they are seeking work with the necessary support. It is imperative to change how workforce development programs are funded so that they meet the needs of the people who need them most.

Please join us in advocating for the fair, just and equal treatment of all!


The Continuing Education Association of New York, Inc., dedicates itself to the promotion and support of quality programs of public continuing higher education in New York State. The Association serves as an advocate for the postsecondary adult learner and encourages the professional development of its members.

Purposes of the Association

  • Promote an exchange of information and ideas
  • Address problems confronting continuing education personnel and the adult learner
  • Strengthen lifelong learning programs
  • Encourage professional development among its members
  • Provide the membership with current legislative information relevant to part-time students
  • Expand public service programs
  • Sponsor and support research and demonstration projects concerning adult continuing education programs and services

Association Governance

(revision approved on November 8, 2018)


Leadership, Organization and Members

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