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CEANY 1988: Saratoga Springs, NY

BACK ROW: Robert Moseley, Robert Pasciullo, Eugene Monaco, Hilton Power, Richard Meagher
FRONT ROW: Griff Walling, Michael Falcone, Robert Stephen, John Cotnam, Holly Christensen, Floyd Amaan, Ron Koster, Linda Hedley-Walker

CEANY 2009: Gideon Putnam, Saratoga Springs, NY

BACK ROW: Chuck Caples, Robert Pasciullo, Ann Clarkson, Doug Boettner, Bill McClure, Tom Cracovia 
FRONT ROW: Kathy Kraus, Acte Maldonado, Patti Carte, Barbara Ritchin, Ann Diehl

CEANY 2010: West Point, NY

SEATED: Patti Carte; Ann Clarkson (10-12); Acte Maldonado (97-98); Kathy Kraus (04-05); Ann Diehl ('92-93)

STANDING: Bill McClure (92-94); Doug Boettner; Chuck Caples (08-10); Don Friday, (90-91); Tom Cracovia (06-08)

CEANY 2011: Turning Stone, NY

Bill McClure (02-04); Chuck Caples (08-10); Barbara Ritchin (95-96); Kathy Kraus (04-05); David Kohn (12-14); Tom Cracovia (06-08)

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