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Get caught up with all the exciting things happening in CE across the state with our quarterly newsletter developed by the Marketing and Membership Committee, with contributions from CEANY members. Read the full version of articles, additional data and resources relating to each Newsletter’s content.


Being a member to the Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) means having access to so many wonderful benefits, with one of the most valued being networking and sharing of information from campus to campus, from SUNY to CUNY.

The CEANY Board is pleased to announce a new feature on our social media accounts titled #AskCEANY which is a fresh take on the old ListServe function of the organization, using social media to engage members with each other, asking questions and getting answers to your questions in the field of Continuing Education. In this way, members can take part in the thriving community of their peers. We are stronger together, learning from each other!

This is all informal, voluntary and completely anonymous. If you have the few minutes from time to time to answer the questions, if they pertain to you and your campus, then please do so to help out your fellow Continuing Education community!

In the meantime, if you yourself have any questions you would like to put out into the CEANY universe, please do so by emailing us at and provide us the following information:

Your Name and title:


Provide the question(s) you wish to have answered:

What data or responses are you looking for?

Who is the question directed to; all CEANY member schools and their staff/faculty and administration? If not, please describe who the target audience is.

Who should we send the results to?

Thank you and we look forward to continuing to serve the Continuing Education administrators, staff, faculty and departments in New York!

Membership Update Contest

Membership Update Contest- Enter today and win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Is your CEANY member account up to date.

Is everyone listed in your institution membership current? We want to find out. Update and verify the accuracy of your account and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card for yourself or your office!

How to enter:

1) Visit your profile at to find out who your "bundle administrator" is. Only the Bundle Administrator can make changes to your membership list. While you're at it, verify your personal information for accuracy (email address, title, etc.)

2) Verify the accuracy of your "bundle" a.k.a. membership list.

3) Make any necessary changes to your bundle administrator and/or members list to reflect staffing changes.

4) To add a member: In your Profile you will see your Membership details. Under the subsection, "Bundle Summary" click on the button "Add Member." On behalf of the new member, fill out the form and hit save.

5) To Change Bundle Administrator: Ask your new Bundle Administrator to log-in. Go to "My Profile" and display membership details. Click "Make Administrator" on the new person's profile.

6) When everything is up to date, enter the contest at the link below: You must verify the accuracy of your CEANY membership account and bundle in order to be eligible.

Only one person per member bundle membership eligible to enter. One CEANY member will be awarded.

Entry deadline: August 1, 2018 at 11:59 pm. Questions? Contact Carolyn at




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