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Advancing Continuing Education Together

Mission: The Continuing Education Association of New York, Inc., dedicates itself to the promotion and support of quality programs of public continuing higher education in New York State. The Association serves as an advocate for the postsecondary adult learner and encourages the professional development of its members.


Along with the Chancellors of CUNY and SUNY, CEANY reaffirms our commitment to equity and inclusion for all, and our determination to create programs and courses where those values are lived out every day. CEANY expresses our sympathy for and solidarity with the families and friends of the eight individuals – including six Asian women – murdered in Atlanta mid-March. This brutal event has added to fears arising from escalating anti-Asian and anti-immigrant rhetoric and actions.

The programs CEANY member institutions create and implement have received encouragement from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which notably includes:

• nearly $40 billion for colleges and universities;

• assurances that any future student loan forgiveness passed between December 2020 and January 2026 will not be taxable income ;

• $7.1 billion to reimburse schools and libraries to purchase equipment such as hotspots, Internet service, and computers on behalf of students and patrons;

• a focus on sector partnerships and career pathways, assistance for small and medium businesses, and a new, robust dislocated worker program, all critical to continuing education programs for adults, and;

• making equity a priority by focusing on communities that have been most affected by the pandemic and historically excluded from well-paid jobs, including women and people of color.

The Infrastructure Plan brings more good news for the communities we serve, including:

• $48 billion for workforce development;

• $40 billion for dislocated worker programs;

• $31 billion for small-business support, and;

• $32 billion for community investment and underserved communities together.

Altogether, these plans represent an incredible investment in continuing education and workforce development across the country and one for which we should be preparing our institutions and our colleagues in New York to benefit.

These new and proposed investments present an exciting opportunity for rethinking our work as we pivot to greater involvement in academic programs, develop innovative micro-credentials, assist adults with retraining so they can re-engage in the workforce and help implement bold economic development initiatives in our communities.

This, indeed, could be the Great Bounce Back, to use Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce’s term.

About Us

CEANY is a membership organization whose purpose is to promote and support quality public continuing higher education and the professional development of continuing education professionals.

The Association seeks:

• to promote an exchange of information and ideas;

• to address problems confronting continuing education personnel and the adult learner;

• to strengthen lifelong learning programs;

• to encourage professional development among its members;

• to provide membership and constituents with information relative to the impact of the continuing education field;

• to support student persistence and completion through the continuing higher education ecosystem.

CEANY has over 600 individual members throughout New York State representing over 80 institutions and organizations.


The Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) evolved out of an annual but informal gathering of SUNY two-year college Deans and Directors of continuing education. In 1966, during one of these gatherings, the need for a formal institution was discussed. However, it wasn't until October 6, 1972, at the annual conference in Poughkeepsie, NY, CEA-SUNY was officially formed. Within its first year, CEA-SUNY would comprise of over 83 members. In 1976, CUNY was added to the association and on December 10, 1981 the association officially decided upon the CEANY moniker to represent the both public continuing higher education institutions in New York State.


Thank you to our 2020 Conference Sponsor Campus CE. 

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