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CEANY offers members so many excellent professional development opportunities because of our vibrant and active committee structure. Standing & special committees are able to focus on a particular function of the organization and make an impact.
Being on a committee is a great opportunity for you as a continuing education professional to collaborate with your peers from across New York State and take a more active role in the organization.
Get involved with CEANY and join one of our committees! Contact the chair or any Executive Board member to learn more!

Committee of the Regions

Purpose: Respond to member’s networking & professional development needs within each region

Promote membership; Plan & present annual Regional Meetings with a focus on professional development; Convene a Committee to select the Region’s Adult Student of the Year & notify winner & other candidates, Participate in the Resolutions & Awards Committee to select award winners annually & assist with the 2 awards ceremonies as needed.

Chair: Lisa Raposo,


Constitution & Bylaws

Purpose: Review, propose & prepare changes to the Constitution and Bylaws

All suggested changes to the Constitution or Bylaws must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board, then approved by 3/4 of Association Membership.

ChairDavid Kohn


Purpose: Assist the Treasurer to establish each year’s budget

Assure projected revenues & expenditures meet Association goals & activities for the year. 

Chair: Fanny Soriano (Treasurer)

Advocacy & Resolutions

Purpose: Inform the Board of Directors & membership about
continuing education matters on national, state & local levels; reviews & recommends all resolutions prior to the referral to the Board of Directors

Help members to better understand the relationships among SUNY, CUNY, the State Education & Labor Departments, the State Legislature, the Governor's Office & other participants in the budget / legislative process. Advocate with governmental entities as appropriate. Resolutions may be submitted
by any member of the Association and
must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board, then approved by a majority of Association Membership.

Chair: David Kohn

Membership, Communications & Engagement

Purpose: Member recruitment & outreach efforts

Contact past & potential members eligible for membership;
to encourage participation; to maintain an active membership list;  Communication of activities & benefits to prospective & new members; Share pertinent information about the field of continuing education; updates the CEANY website and Wild Apricot CEANY system, & Social Media accounts & assists other committees with disseminating communication to members as needed.

ChairDeborah Shoemaker


Purpose: Prepare a slate of nominations for Executive Board positions

Prepare nominations for positions of Vice-President / President Elect, Secretary, & Treasurer; Recommend individuals of the membership to fill vacancies occurring on the Board
of Directors
, to serve on standing committees; & make recommendations to the Executive Board 

Chair: Dana Lennon

Professional Development

Purpose: Assess & coordinate professional development activities for membership

Provide professional development workshops & seminars for members & other adult educators across the state; Provide & introduce “state of the art” ideas & knowledge that serve to improve adult education programs & services within New York; Create an increased awareness of the critical need for on-going professional development for continuing education practitioners.

Co-Chairs:   Jennifer Snyder and Robin Duger

Recognition & Awards

Purpose: Solicit, accept nominations for awards
& select, notify & present awards to winners

Determine the proper method to select awardees in each category, notify winners & candidates. Purchase & Coordinate award presentations to the recipients via 2 ceremonies at the annual conference. The Outstanding Adult Student winners & the state-wide winner will be notified by their Region Chair, who also coordinates award of Outstanding Student Scholarship funds. Membership includes each Regional Chair or a designee. 

Chair: TBA

Annual Conference 2023

Purpose: Plan, arrange & run the annual conference & meeting of the membership

Establish & lead committee members in the content, organization, recruitment & implementation of the annual conference including vendors, registration, recruitment, logistics, hotel contracts, theme. Follow procedure manuals and consult with the President for contract guidance.

Chair: Dana Lennon

Regional Committees




Purpose: Plan & implement regional conferences for the networking & professional development of members in the region

Working in cooperation with the Chairperson of the Committee of the Regions & the Board of Directors, establish & lead committee members in the content, organization, recruitment & implementation of the regional conference including registration, recruitment, logistics, hotel contracts, theme. Follow procedure manuals and consult with the President for contract guidance. Serve on Recognition & Awards committee, recruit award nominations, select winners & produce awards ceremonies. 

Chairs: East:  Teresa Fava-Schram; West:  Jackie Patterson; South: Jasmine Cardona 


Purpose: Collect, organize, preserve & disseminate all historically significant documents, records, & memorabilia

Ensure safety and security of historical items, respond to inquiries for historical documentation or actions taken by the board; update website to reflect history of the Association.

Chair: Lori Bartkovich


Purpose: Update the Association website with current information including new events, professional development opportunities & announcements

Enable registration, access membership and other reports, update verbiage, photo and design. Serve as point of contact for website updates. Work with Membership, Communication & Engagement committee and President for messaging. 

Chair: Lori Bartkovich

To become involved in a committee, members should reach out to the chair or any Executive Board member!

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