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Please note that all policies below apply to all registrants for all CEANY conferences, meetings and events.

Annual Conference Policies 

Registration Deadline: October 21, 2018

CEANY will continue accepting registrations on an available basis. However, if you cancel your registration after October 21, 2018, you are still obligated to pay the conference fees in full and no refunds will be made. Please be sure Payment is submitted before November 1st.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel reservations must be made individually.  Click here to book on-line for CEANY Block or call 1-315-476-4212 for Reservations. Reservation must be made before October 10th to receive discounted rate.   

What Your Registration Fee Includes 

The conference fee includes admission to concurrent and plenary sessions; beverage and snack breaks; Wednesday lunch and snacks; Thursday breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; Friday breakfast; and planned events such as Thursday night's reception, awards banquet and auction, unless otherwise noted with a fee.  (If you register for less than the full conference, then your fee includes the activities above on the days for which you registered.)

Policies for All CEANY Events 

Photography Release

By registering for any conference or CEANY event, you consent and agree that CEANY has the right to take photographs, videotape or digital recordings of you to use in any and all media, now and in the future, for the purpose of promoting CEANY and its’ series and activities.

Conference Cancellation or Postponement       

In the unlikely event that this program is cancelled or postponed due to insufficient enrollments or unforeseen circumstances, CEANY will fully refund registration fees but cannot be held responsible for any other expenses, including cancellation or change charges assessed by airlines, hotels, travel agencies, or other organizations.

Registration Approval

CEANY reserves the right to review, approve, or cancel registrations at our sole discretion.

Sales Policy

In keeping with the educational purposes of the conference, attendees agree not to sell goods and services as well as prohibited in taking orders.

Registration Cancellation / Refund Period

To avoid being held accountable for charges related to your registration for an event, or to receive a refund of what you have already paid, your registration must be canceled two (2) weeks prior to the event (unless another date is noted as the deadline).  If you do not cancel your registration two weeks prior to the event, you are responsible for payment.

Requests for CEANY Event Registration Fee Credit/Refund

CEANY will consider Requests for CEANY Event Registration Fee Credit/Refund for individuals who feel they warrant an exception to the CEANY Event Refund Policy.  CEANY events include, but are not limited to the Annual Conference, Regional Meetings and other special events with a fee.  Exceptions to the established CEANY Event Refund Policy for each event will generally be considered only for extenuating and difficult circumstances. 


1) Process Your Event Registration Fee Payment 

For all those who had previously registered for a CEANY event, you are required to honor our refund policy by first processing/paying your registration fee before applying for a Request for CEANY Event Registration Fee Credit/Refund.  If your institution, agency, or business supports you financially, but denies such payment, you must provide CEANY with this documentation and follow the instructions below.

2) Send a Written Request 

A written Request for CEANY Event Registration Fee Credit/Refund must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the event for which you are requesting a credit/refund.  Appeals received after the deadline will not be considered.  To be considered for a credit/refund, please submit a personal statement clearly describing your situation as to why you feel you need an exemption from the CEANY Event Refund Policy.   

Reasons for exceptions and supporting documentation:

  • Medical Condition: submit a letter from your physician on letterhead with your request stating the date(s) it prevented you from attending the conference.  Though not required, it would help your appeal request if the letter included: diagnosis; date the medical condition began, etc.
  • Involuntary changes in employment: submit a letter from your employer on company letterhead detailing: Verification of the work that occurred; The date the change took effect and specifically what the change was; i.e. days, hours and/or work location; How this change conflicted with the conference schedule.
  • Death in the Immediate Family: submit a copy of the obituary from the newspaper (should have dates) or a copy of the death certificate. Additionally, in your personal statement, explain how the death and related circumstances affected your ability to attend the conference.
  • Military Activation: Submit a copy of military activation orders signed by commanding officer.
  • Extenuating circumstances beyond your control: If the circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from attending the conference do not fit one of the above reason, CEANY will need documentation describing your situation and you are encouraged to include any official communications or signed documentation that verifies your circumstances.

3) Decision 

CEANY will communicate its decision in writing to the address or email provided. 

Please mail all Request for CEANY Event Registration Fee Credit/Refunds, including supporting documentation, to: 

Continuing Education Association of New York
1732 1st Ave #21990
New York, NY 10128

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