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Every spring the region chairs and Vice President plan a Tri-Region virtual conference. This year, for our 3rd annual CEANY Spring Tri-Region Conference, was held on Friday, April 21st was a huge success!


The conference included a Keynote Presentation regarding the The Future of Learning in a Skills-Based Economy.  The keynote session featured an overview of current trends and market pressures that are driving the transformation of higher education and provide an overview of the Education Design Lab’s approach to co-creating new pathways with learners, faculty, and employers using human centered design that are portable, flexible, relevant, and affordable. Kevin Stump, Vice President of Economic Mobility and Workforce Innovation at Rockland Community College will moderate the session and will be joined by Dr. Lisa Larson, Head of the Lab’s Community College Growth Engine Fund, to discuss the Hudson Valley Education and Workforce Consortium, the Lab’s forthcoming framework on the future of learning in a skills-based economy, and more.


We then had several breakout sessions that included the following topics:

  • Programming for Immigrant Populations and Asylum Seekers
  • Cannabis Workforce
  • Clean Energy Workforce
  • Prior Learning Assessment:  creating non-credit to credit pathways

The Tri-Region conference was hosted by our region chairs:

Jasmine Cardona Region South Chairperson   

Teresa Fava-Schram, Region East Chairperson  

Jackie Patterson, Region West Chairperson

1. The purpose of the regional conference in the south, west and east of the state is to provide a forum to exchange ideas and best practices in continuing education and workforce development. Local and national experts share information about emerging trends and opportunities as well as potential challenges.

2. Regional conferences are in the spring (April/May) and charge a nominal fee for a day-long conference whose topics usually include a new initiative or trend and how to manage a professional matter such as supervision or time management. Regional conferences allow members to visit other campuses and share ideas about facilities as well as exchanging ideas.

3. “Access conference presentations by logging into the your CEANY membership account and selecting Events/ Past Events”

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