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William (Bill) McClure was the 2002 CEANY President and served for 11 years as Director of Non-Credit Continuing Education at Binghamton University, SUNY.   

Bill has provided a generous gift to CEANY for us to select and recognize an individual or department who has demonstrated outstanding professional development leadership service to CEANY, their college/university and/or their community.

Good leadership in continuing education is complex, with layers of diverse competencies required for practitioners to be successful. These include innovation, building and managing effective teams, negotiation, business generation, strategic thinking, entrepreneurship and political savvy, to name just a few. They are indispensable to successful job performance in this field.

Leadership can look different at each institution and within each unit.  For continuing education, it often includes pivoting, strategizing and forming new policies and procedures in order to reach the goal of a desired outcome.  Leaders in our field must have multi-dimensional perspectives, to meet the constantly changing environment and the ability to think strategically and work collaboratively, both with internal and external constituents.

In our complex setting of higher education, continuing education leaders need to develop effective methods to engage in constant renewal.   This award was created to recognize those leaders.

Click the link below to complete the following essay question:

Please provide to us a description, no more than 1000 words, of how the nominated person or department has demonstrated outstanding leadership service to CEANY, the college/university and/or the community within the field of adult, continuing, and/or workforce development. 

If awarded, the funds must be used to support the awardee’s or department staff’s professional development. Please include in your essay response how you or the division, intends to use these funds and the proposed impact for them, their team, their college/university and CEANY.

Please make note, that if awarded, the nominee or department will be required to present either a webinar or at the following year’s annual conference about the professional development program/experience the funds provided and its impact.

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