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Session 1 

National Trends, Local Opportunities in Workforce Training
Presenter: John Dyer
-This workshop will focus on national trends workforce and economic development, and their local impact opportunities, and challenges. Attendees are encouraged to bring national and local issues, opportunities, and challenges to this session and workshop them in real time.

Community Partnerships for Youth Programs
senter: Robin Duger & Tammy Anderson 

-Partner with your local community to make Youth Programing
less work and more profit! We partnered with our local BOCES, DSS, Schools and Teacher Center to make our youth program even more amazing, more profitable and less work. Partnerships create a wealth of resources (including free salaries, teacher training and technology). In this session you will learn how start and grow these partnerships. Learn how you can benefit from the support and expertise of local businesses, organizations, and individuals, and discover strategies for fostering successful business and community partnerships

How investments  in New Models for Enhancing Enrollment, Retention & Completion are Changing SUNY
Presenter: Kim Scalzo
-SUNY has invested in a Community of Practice to produce new courses and programs to better serve current SUNY students and new markets of post-traditional online learners. Projects include Micro-credentials, Scaling Online Learning, Curricular Innovation/
Faculty Development, 
Innovative Instruction Technology Grants, and Open Educational Resources.
Attend this session to learn more

Building Workforce Programs for the Future -Digital Arts & User Design
Presenters: Dr. Sherry Mayo, Deborah Krikun

Westchester has developed a successful new program in user experience design. This new discipline combines IT along with elements of design to focus on how humans interact with technology, and has seen a 27% growth rate in new positions across industries. This presentation will describe the essentials of the design process and what User Experience (UX) design is all about. Today, design thinking is a fundamental skill in many fields. The culminating experience will be an interactive design project.

Session 2

Integrating Workforce Learning and Program Development: Leveraging Partnerships
Presenters: Nan Travers, Dr. Patricia Pillsworth, Dr. Brian Goodale

SUNY Empire State College has been expanding its partnership model to leverage workplace learning and program development. In this session, participants will learn about Empire’s model and lessons learned so far. Participants will engage in a strategy session to develop ways to integrate these concepts into their own partnership experiences.

Making the Case for Workforce Development Completion Ceremonies
Presenters: Nicole Joseph & Crysta Jones

This session will highlight the importance of non-credit completion/ graduation ceremonies from both the student and institutional perspectives. We will cover the purpose of the completion ceremony, programs to consider, key stakeholders to invite, and its contribution to partnerships and non-credit to credit pathways.

Case Study: Developing and Delivering a Customized ESL Program in a Manufacturing Company
Presenter: Jane MacKillop

-This presentation describes a customized ESL program for a New York City manufacturing company whose CEO saw a need for the multinational, multilingual workforce to communicate better and to understand workplace procedures, such as safety and manufacturing processes.

Shifting Mindsets for Successful Leadership in Education
Presenter: Scott Vinciguerra

As leaders traverse their career, they carry with them specific experiences which shape their perceptions in many ways. One of the challenges that leaders endure is the mindset that is reticent to shift directions. If leaders are to make any inroads with colleagues and students, the ability to pivot from one framework of thinking to another, in quick and seamless fashion, requires an open mind and a nimble approach. The ability to reframe the mind toward actionable resolutions and high levels of engagement requires that leaders work to listen, learn, and lead accordingly.
This engaging, hands-on workshop will equip leaders with the necessary tools to return to their campuses with a renewed sense and vision of potential for themselves, and those that they lead.

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