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Session 3

Apprenticeship 101
Presenters: Franca Armstrong, Denise Zieske
-Developing Apprenticeship Models for your school can be scary. Come learn about how people have done in and what partnerships can be used to grow apprenticeships in your area. 

Planning, Implementing and Sustaining Training: A Workforce Development Staff Contact Training Workshop
Presenter: Erin Krivitski 
-Join the conversation with other continuing education and workforce development professionals about facilitating the planning, implementation, and sustainability of training with employers/clients. Be prepared to examine the contract training process components, analyze the challenges of working with employers/clients and trainers in those areas, and generate strategies for successfully managing those activities within and across our varied settings.

Low Cost, High Impact Marketing for Continuing Education
Presenter: Goher Murtaza 

-Digital marketing made easy for Continuing Education administrators. Learn what works and what doesn’t in digital marketing for CE programs. Participants will learn about a wide array of free and cost-effective marketing tools that are available to everyone.

NYATEP Presents: The State of the NY Workforce
Presenter: Melinda Mack
-The New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals is a not for profit membership organization serving the workforce development community throughout New York State. They provide the leadership, vision and advocacy for a thriving workforce in New York State. Their focus is ensuring that every New Yorker and employer in New York State has access to the skills they need to work in, and support a robust statewide economy.

Session 4

It Takes a Village: Putting the Pieces Together to Support Adult Learners
Presenter: Tricia Crissmann 
-Adult students deserve the best experience during their learning not only in the classroom but beyond. This presentation will provide the positive results of partnering with local community organizations in the Rochester community. Come prepared to hear and share ideas for leveraging knowledge, resources, and partnerships.
Andragogy Applied: Building Bridges to College with an Intergrated Math/Science Curriculum
Presenter: Ifeoma Nwoke

-Successful learning processes require connections with experiences and structures that students are familiar with in order to bridge the gap in formal schooling (Jensen, 1996). In this workshop, we will share our approach to integrating math curriculum with sustainable science in a 3-credit class and our strategies for creating an interdisciplinary lesson plan which involves a collaborative pedagogy. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in similar activities, in individual and small group interactions, mirroring the adult students’ experience.

NYATEP Presents: The Gig Economy and Automation
Presenter: Melinda Mack 
-The New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals is a not for profit membership organization serving the workforce development community throughout New York State. They provide the leadership, vision and advocacy for a thriving workforce in New York State. Their focus is ensuring that every New Yorker and employer in New York State has access to the skills they need to work in, and support a robust statewide economy. 
Developing a Non-Credit Student Tracking System and Responding to the Needs of the Non-Credit Population Presenters: Sara Davaasambu, Christine Zagari-LoPorto 
-Attendees will learn about the Capitol One Foundation sponsored project: Data-Tracking Strategy to Inform Growth in non-credit programs at Kingsborough Community College. This presentation will discuss the lack of noncredit continuing education and workforce student tracking systems at U.S community colleges and Kingsborough’s subsequent institutional research project.

Session 5

Getting Started with MicroCredentials: A Design and Implementation Workshop
Presenter: Jill Pippin 
-Micro Credentials are one of the newest disruptions in higher education. For Continuing Educators it is potentially the greatest opportunity to work as a team with academic partners across campus. In this session, learn what micro credentials can be, how your operation can play a key role at your institution and the steps to take to design and implement a quality micro credential.

Continuing Education Assessment
Presenter: Norayne Rosero 

-The presenter will review the MSCHE expectations for assessment of continuing education offerings and ideas that have been implemented to address the Standards. Attendees will be asked to participate by contributing ideas that are implemented at their college and by performing a self-assessment of activities that could be examined for implemented in the future.

Panel Discussion: Online Registration Systems Match-up for Continuing Education
Facilitator: David Kohn
Panelists: Tim Vermillion (Ellucian Elevate); Robin Duger (Xenegrade); Lisa Raposo (EventsAIR); Goher Murtaza (Campus CE); Jeanne Eschbach (GoSignMeUp) 

-Continuing Education Units have unique operating needs; traditional Student Registration Systems or campus infrastructure may not allow for CE strategies to be accessed, tracked, and paid for appropriately. CE Units throughout SUNY and CUNY are utilizing different tools to serve this purpose. Join a panel of your colleagues who will share what registration system they are using, the reasons behind that choice, functionality, and pros/cons and lessons learned from the process that each unit went through to get where they are today.

Presenter: Angie Datta Kamath
-Come join a discussion about the exciting programs taking place at both SUNY and CUNY. Presenters will start with an overview and then open the floor for conversation. Share your best practices and learn from colleagues.

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