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Mr Gary Richardson 

Topic: Shockingly Different Diversity 

Session Description: This session will define the essence of diversity and its role as an absolute workplace necessity. Mr. Richardson will draw from his experiences as a New York State Trooper and member of the United States Air Force to illustrate what it takes to create an inclusive work environment while maximizing the productivity of a diverse workforce. Audience members will walk away with a clear definition of workplace diversity, how to create it, and how to promote inclusion on a daily basis. If you’ve wanted to understand diversity and create a more harmonious work environment, this session is for you!

Bio: Gary Richardson is the President and CEO of R. Diversity WorkX, LLC, which specializes in diversity and human relations training. Since 1999, Mr. Richardson has trained and educated corporations, nonprofit agencies, federal government employees, the United States Military and universities on the topics of diversity and inclusion. During his 20-year career, he has trained over 20000 participants and delivers an entertaining presentation that keeps audiences engaged from start to finish. He is the former Program Manager of Senior Leadership Development for the Department of Defense assigned at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute in Cocoa Beach, FL. In this role, he designed, implemented, and assessed diversity and leadership training for over 1.5 million federal employees and military leaders around the world. His extensive knowledge in the area of equal employment opportunity and diversity has made him a highly sought after consultant. He was handpicked by Facebook to teach corporate diversity to all employees.

Mr. Richardson is also a retired New York State Police Officer where he held the rank of Lieutenant and served as the Equal Employment Compliance Officer. He has served his country for 28 years and recently retired from the United States Air Force where he held the rank of Major and assigned as a Military Equal Opportunity Director. Over his careers, Gary has made tremendous contributions to the field of diversity and his impact has resulted in him receiving several high profile awards. In 2016, he was awarded The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, signed by President Barack Obama. He’s also won The Blacks in Government (BIG) Meritorious Service Award for the top Military Equal Opportunity Officer Worldwide, 2010, and the Military Equal Opportunity Officer of the Year, 2009 to name a few.

In 2017, Mr. Richardson published his highly acclaimed book, Beyond Demographics the Truth about Diversity being sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores. He’s also the host of his own BlogTalkRadio show called Diversity WorkX, which airs once a month around the country. With his unique delivery and knowledge of the subject matter, Mr. Richardson leaves audiences excited to hear and learn more.

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