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After 50 years CEANY is finally coming back to Rochester!  As look we look at the major hurdles these past few years have brought us and have persevered; it is time to celebrate our resilience and community. This year's theme is "Capturing the Moment."  As always, our conference committee is putting together a JAM PACKED program. However, we also know we are a little further North this year, so we are also offering activities on those coming early or staying late to ensure you are able to enjoy your trip to this historical city to the fullest!

Call for Proposals

Proposals are now being accepted for presentations, panel discussions and workshops related to this year’s conference theme, "Capture the Moment." Individual and group submissions are encouraged. Topics Include: Individual professional development, skill building, taking care of yourself, work/life balance, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people, customer service (internal & external)/empowerment/relationship building, managing up/across/down, grant writing, finance basics, managing mental health, change management, Best practices, what’s happening, current issues, hot topics, micro-program development, assessment, data-driven decision making, Lessons Learned (the good, the bad, and the ugly) boosting morale/productivity, grant management, non-credit to credit, corrections education, working with employers, prior learning assessment, managing distance learning, international student issues/programming, micro-credentialing, rationale & selection of CE software; Strategic planning, looking forward, sustainability, strategic/macro-program development, re-invigorating the CE office, Middle States Assessment for Non-credit programs, collaborations, recruiting and engaging non-traditional students, distance learning and disruptive technologies.

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