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***Pre-Conference Session****

A Regional Approach for Advanced Training Center Development (TOUR of FWD Center)
Presenter: Dr. Robin Cole
Description: Developing an Advanced Technology Center with Strategic Focus-Understanding the industry needs you plan to serve, the students you plan to prepare, and the timeline in which you plan to accomplish. This session focuses on how each aspect of development was based on continuously "reading the pulse" of the stakeholders.

How to Communicate like a Seasoned Negotiator

Speaker: Fern Chan
Description: Dealing with difficult people and emotionally charged situations can be an unnerving experience. Nobody likes being the object of ire and being attacked verbally. Communicating in high-stress situations requires a strategy and a plan of action to find a space for collaboration and ultimately resolve the issue at hand with excellent customer service.

Continuing Education for the Public Safety Professional

Presenter: Sal Simmonetti, Nicole Amendolare, Michael Karnes
Description: This informative session will provide insight into the collaborative model and partnership between and government,  higher education, and private entities that guide the continuing education and training of the Monroe County's public safety professionals.

Fostering a Culture of Learning and Growth for Adult Learners

Presenter: Dr. Carol Meyer
Description: In this session we will integrate three tools that are known to address attention. Specifically, we will examine our language practices as they relate to creating safety  and supporting a growth mindset while helping students to engage in goal setting using the WOOP framework.

College After Prison: Building a Statewide Support Network for Justice-Involved Students
Presenter: Rachel Sander
Description: How can we build better pathways from prison to college campuses in NYS?  What are the unique challenges justice-involved students face after incarceration? How can campuses best meet the needs of justice-involved students? What training  and supports do campuses need to be prepared to best serve justice-involved students?


Assessment & Improvement: Performing a Functional Area Review of your Department

Presenter: Jackie Patterson, Grant Umberger
Description: The Functional Area Review or FAR is an extensive review process that all non-academic departments undergo every 5 years at Jamestown Community College. The process ensures alignment with JCC's mission and goals, and identifies possible improvements. This session will cover the process, data collection, and the preliminary  report that is provided to the external review team.

Building Success through Credential Pathways and Apprenticeship Initiatives

Speaker: Rochelle Duncan, Mary Kohan
Description: The Racial Equity for Adult Credentials in Higher Ed (REACH) program works in partnership with community colleges and partners to increase the attainment of credentials for adults of color. Learn how this initiative in conjunction with Apprenticeship Programs at SUNY, can offer innovative pathways for the undeserved.
So, You Want to Form an Advisory Board?

Speaker: Jessica Cinelli, Alissa Levine
Description: Have you thought  about forming an Advisory Board but have been plagued with the minutia of bureaucracy and expectations? Alissa and Jessica will discuss the KCC TECH Advisory  Board, how it was created and how it's been maintained. Attendees  will share experiences with Boards and brainstorm ways to overcome barriers.

Providing  Solutions to your Community's Healthcare Job Demand

Speaker: Amber Cloke, Lori Mendicino Gennarelli
Description: This presentation will show how New York schools are helping their community grow by offering allied health certification training that enables learners to begin new careers in healthcare, provides advancement opportunities to healthcare employees, assists in driving employee retention, as well as bringing a new revenue stream to the school.

Healthcare Programming--From Startup to a Best in Class!

Speaker: Marcia Lynch
Description: Monroe Community College developed and implemented one of the more successful healthcare training programs in the state in under three years. Highlighted by the Aspen Institute and New America as a best practices model, this workshop traces the MCC journey and details the strong factors that contribute to the success.

Build a For-Profit Testing Center

Speaker: Jeanne Eschbach, Laura Presigiacomo
Description: Continuing Education offices are charged with being both a profit center and meeting community needs.  SUNY CCC meets both goals through their Testing Center by providing career testing to a region where it was previously unavailable. Learn how they gained campus support, stayed open during the pandemic and ancillary benefits created. 

Thursday Continued

Relationships Matter" Building Community Partnerships for Workforce Development
Speaker: Dr. Robin Cole
Description: Community colleges are no longer just a starting place for individuals whose ultimate goal is to attend a 4 year institution. Community colleges are workforce development machines. With this shift in focus, comes a change in the type of partnerships needed to be successful. Workforce development oriented partners include businesses, local and state government entities, employment offices, community-based organizations, and other workforce investment agencies. In this presentation we will provide an approach to building relationships  with outside organizations to support your institution's workforce development engine.

Sector Neutral Concepts in Customer Service/Leadership Training  Partnership

Presenter: Sara Wilson Sparrow
Description: Customer Service and Leadership skills are essential to all industries. In the workforce world, this is a daily request but difficult  to fulfill given varied quality and availability of training products. This workshop will highlight a successful partnership between SUNY Schenectady's partnership with the ERN and Sandler Training. 

How to Win at Workforce Department Marketing: No Budget, Does Not Mean You Cannot Market Your Department and Team Heavily

Speaker: Ericka  Lehman
Description: The purpose of this presentation is to discuss and show that basic marketing concepts, consistency, thinking outside of the box with little to no budget, doing your homework on what is trending in your field nationally-Workforce can in time-create waves not only within your college community, but within the sectors you service and community you serve.

Maximize your Money! Leverage Resources by Braiding Grant Funds Successfully

Speaker: Mary Kohan, Denise Zieske, Caelynn Prylo, Michael Betz, Carrie Coates-Whitmore
Description: Learn best practices in braiding funds to enable your workforce programs to make the biggest impact and have the greatest value. This session will feature local practitioners whose programs have benefited from braiding workforce development dollars with apprenticeship funds and the "how to" of this style of maximizing grant impact.

A More Unified Community College: Strategies to Align Non-Credit Programs
Speaker: Hui-Yin Hsu, Lori Conkling, Alex Ott, Madelaine Centeno, Michael Manipakone
Description: CUNY Community Colleges Consortium was selected to participate in the Association of Community College Trustees and Education Strategy Group’s Non-Credit & Credit Alignment Lab. The Consortium will present the framework and action plans to create a more unified community college that aligns industry-focused non-credit programs to credit programs that lead to degrees.


On the Road Again: Community Schools Model

Speaker: Tricia Crissman
Description: This workshop is designed to look at the Community Schools models and intiatives ($$$) and explore how your organization can connect with nearby school districts. We will work collaboratively to brainstorm ideas on possible opportunities. 

Using Virtual Reality to Attract, Train & & Retain a Qualified Workforce

Speaker: Todd Sloan, Isai Pochtar
Description: Can virtual reality be utilized to attract, train & retain a qualified workforce? Hear from FLCC and Transfr VR about the multiple collaborative public/private use cases and ecosystem partners for the immersive technology workforce development tool. Learn about the partnership with FLCC and Transfr to strengthen the area’s workforce, using the extensive library of Career Exploration and Job Training Simulation in VR that teach trainees how to master hands-on job skills in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, automotive, hospitality and other skilled trades.

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