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Session YouTube link
Plenary Speaker, Gary Richardson: Shockingly Different Diversity https://youtu.be/PvFkP6XQoEk 
Adapting to serving non-traditional students during COVID 19 and Beyond https://youtu.be/5E0FshZjIuQ
Using the OSCQR Rubric for Online Course Development and Assessment  
Marketing for online/remote programs https://youtu.be/6c5P7YXCgzI
Apprenticeship Models https://youtu.be/Jjnj7nhb5Bk
Employee Workforce Development: a Partnership Model https://youtu.be/LPPVLTWUut8
LinkedIn or Left Out? https://youtu.be/HJ9Xo_s502Y
Fern Chan: How to Virtually Up Your Presentation Skills (Are you Zoomed Out?) https://youtu.be/flUMfE4YOFA
Healthcare CE Programs: How to thrive in the time of Covid-19 https://youtu.be/21Inm8wTJa4
Strengthen Your Community Partnerships with Successful Pathway Programs  https://youtu.be/wdG5PS2HxHQ
Happy Hour/Awards Ceremony https://youtu.be/EpyBGa0w9ck
Welcome & CEANY Business Meeting  
CEANY Leader's panel https://youtu.be/pzlu-yYhtz4
Apprenticeship 101 https://youtu.be/xnZN-MOStCM
Art of Making Mistakes https://youtu.be/OgetyHxDdvE
Helping New Yorkers UpSkill/ReSkill https://youtu.be/oKnpfHdiyMs
President's Panel https://youtu.be/pd93UCkuNzI
New Board Meeting  

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