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Adapting to Serving Non-Traditional Students During COVID 19 and Beyond
Presenter: Kymel Yard
Description: This Session will discuss how the CUNY Fatherhood Academy at Kingsborough Community College responded to the changes caused by the pandemic and adapted HSE programming for young fathers. We will examine lessons learned and best practices, evaluate variables and challenges, which can be applied to all non-traditional students
Three Key Takeaways: (1)Acknowledging and strategize for obstacles when dealing with non-traditional students (2)Helping student navigate new digital platforms (3)Creating new program models for post-COVID instruction and meaningful engagement
Using the OSCQR Rubric for Online Course Development and Assessment
Presenter: Lisa Raposo, Jennifer Snyder
Description: This practical session will provide an overview of the OSCQR rubric, demonstrate how to use the tool, and showcase SUNY Center for Professional Developments online course template that was evaluated and revised using the OSCQR to allow instructors to focus on their areas of expertise and instruction.
Three Key Takeaways: (1)How to access the OSCQR (2) How to use the OSCQR Tool to design and assess online courses (3) Showcase components of the OSCQR tool in an actual online course

Marketing for Online/Remote Programs Panel
Panelists: Laura Scott, Goher Murtaza, Karen Schuhle-Williams
Description: How do you market online or remote programs when many people prefer face to face instruction? How do you convince prospective students that you have the support they need  to be successful? Talk to our panel of experts  who come from CUNY & SUNY, 2 & 4 Year schools. This Panel will be moderated and you will have the opportunity to submit your questions. 
Three Takeaways: (1) Learn about best practices for marketing online/remote programs (2) Get practical tips from colleagues (3) Have your questions about marketing answered. 

Apprenticeship Models
Presenter: Franca Armstrong, Denise Zieske, Sarah Sparrow
Description: There are many different models of Apprenticeships. There is no one size fits all and every company may ask for something different. Come learn about some of the models that are out there and how they work for different Community Colleges. We will cover Time Based Apprenticeships with both credit and non credit courses and Competency Based Assessment. We will give you examples of different models and how they are currently working. This will be a great place to get more ideas on how to serve the Apprentices in your area.
Three Key Takeaways: (1) Learn about Non Credit Models of Apprenticeship (2) Learn about Credit Models of Apprenticeship (3) Learn about Competency Based Apprenticeships

Employee Workforce Development: A Partnership Model
Presenter: Jeanne Eschbach
Description: Join us to learn about an innovation partnership between SUNY Corning Community College and CAF USA, an international rail car manufacturer. CAF USA has revamped their entire workforce development system with a goal to have the best trained workforce in the railcar industry, with SUNY CCC as the training partner. 
Three Key Takeaways: (1) Gain an understanding of a business-college model for workforce development. (2) Learn how to link employee titles to certification training. (3) Discuss how to expand this model to regional business sectors.

Linkedin or Left out? 
Presenter: Andrea Huda
Description: It more important than ever that your LinkedIn profile is fresh, current and discoverable by colleagues. This hands on workshop will help you get the most out of your Linkedin profile. We'll explore the basics functions of LinkedIn, and delve into some best practices to keep you connected in the LinkedIn bubble. We'll cover how to maximize your profile and its views, the importance of engaging  with your connections, and what LinkedIn can do for you as a professional. 
Three Key Takeaways: (1) Refresh your Linkedin basics (2) Learn ways to use your profile for professional growth and position (3) Gain real-time feedback on personal profile

Thursday Continued 

How to Virtually Up Your Presentation Skills
Presenter: Fern Chan
Description: In today's reality of conducting live trainings and presentations via Zoom, many facethe challenge of keeping an audience engaged. How can you make your presentation stick and avoid theslow and painful death by a thousand slides? In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how toelevate your presentation skills with simple tools, use technology within Zoom to engage your audience,and leave a lasting impression that will make your presentation memorable. Come prepared with abanana for the hands-on activity!
Three Key Takeaways: (1)Create thought-provoking slides (2) Learn how to use the technology in Zoom effectively (3)How to prepare for your virtual presentation

Healthcare CE Programs: How to thrive in the time of COVID-19
Presenter: Kim Kendall
Description: The healthcare industry remains a critical employer, but Covid-19 restrictions have provided unprecedented challenges to local healthcare CE programs. Learn about program innovations that will critical in helping your Healthcare CE Programs rebound during covid-19. These include hybrid online models, virtual reality technology, on-the-job training, novel clinical internships and more. Come be inspired and share your Healthcare CE wins during these turbulent times
Three Key Takeaways: (1) Re-Thinking Program Models (2) Engaging with Educational Technology (3) Developing Out-of-the-Box Employer Partnerships

Strengthen Your Community Partnerships with Successful Pathway Program
Presenter: Christina Miller
Description: This session will explore Career Pathways that are designed and implemented to comply with WIOA regulations. Participants will learn about of the components of Integrated Educational Training (IET) programs that contribute to successful programs by building community partnerships and using Labor Market Information (LMI) to build Career Pathways program. Templates included.


CEANY Leadership Panel
Panelist: Ann Clarkson, Charles McGinnis, 
Gloria Morgan, Jill Pippin
Moderator: Jane MacKillop
Description: Join us for this special 60 minute, interactive Panel discussion, with Continuing Education Leaders from both SUNY and CUNY and learn how CE professionals reacted  to the new normal under partial or total lockdown and remote instruction. Find out how  Workforce Training and Professional Development departments are contributing to recovery, finding and  building on new opportunities. Our panel will share various responses to the pandemic and facilitate a discussion of what the future of non-credit education, workforce development and lifelong learning.

Apprenticeships 101
Presenter: Denise Zieske, Jane Thompson
Description: Apprenticeship 101 will give you the steps to take to begin to increase enrollment and help your local businesses build their workforce. We have answers to all your questions and a step by step guide for you to begin working on promoting Apprenticeships in your local area. You have heard a lot about Apprenticeships and you know they are the key to building the workforce in your area. Now, come and meet some of the NSYDOL representatives that will be your partners in promoting Apprenticeship and will be key resources for your local businesses. This meet and greet is a great opportunity to network with key individuals that will help you meet your goals. 
Three Key Takeaways: (1) Network with   NYSDOL Apprenticeship Representative. (2) Learn how you can work with NYSDOL Apprenticeship Representative to promote Apprenticeships in NYS. (3)Learn about Apprenticeships

The Art of Making Mistakes
Presenter: Chandra Cherry
Description: Examine attitudes and reactions related to being wrong and/or unsure. 
Three Key Takeaways: (1) Examine attitudes and reactions related to being wrong and/or unsure; (2) Better recognize learning opportunities within all facets of college career; (3) Develop and implement new tools for managing slipups and missteps

Helping New Yorkers UpSkill/ReSkill
Presenters: Todd Oldham, Lendi Meyer
Description: The team will discuss trends around upskilling/reskilling that they are seeing at Monroe Community College, state-wide and nationally. The problem: 'adult learners' have very different needs--how can Monroe CC make learning more accessible to all learners? Hear about Monroe's current best practices and learn how EMSI's SkillsMatch fits into that strategy. There will be time for you questions.
Three Key Takeaways: (1) Student interest in skills is not a fad (2) The 'Corporate Learnscape' is fantastic opportunity for SUNY Institutions (3) Question to consider--How can my institution become more agile and adaptive to my local communities needs?


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